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What is the meaning of life? #lol #wedding #mrandmrsawesome #bridalparty #irlfriends  (Taken with Instagram)

Miyavi’s First um.. Wedding.

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"You say YOLO you have sex SOLO"
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This is really going to hurt him in the erection.

Having a Bad day? LAUGH & CLICK HERE!!

Just imagine


Imagine you were frozen for 20 years and woke up and the 1st TV show you saw was the Grammy’s what would you think and say? Well this is what I think someone in that situation would say.

I open my eyes and some show was going on, I saw some young girl sing a country song that sounded normal to me and she won. Then I saw what I think was Michael Jackson. Some people were upset that he had beating up some girl that I think is a stripper by the pictures of her that I saw. I had to pee so I went when they pointed the camera to this nice looking couple sitting next to some lady that was still celebrating halloween.

Then I saw some dude with half a mullet that won for standing in front of 2 very small TV’s and doing jumping jacks, he must be good at doing jumping jacks because he got 3 awards. I think him and the lady dress like the wicked hooker of the east are dating. I got some food but I couldn’t keep it down when I saw this “Lady” dress like Barney had exploded and she did this, this…I can’t explain it, wait I can. it was stupid!

The only two things that made sense to me was a band called Foo fighters that according to the singer they recorded in their garage with microphones. DUH how else do bands do that? Anyways they got a standing ovation, Barney, that guy lip-syncing and dancing like Michael Jackson, and that mullet dude stood up (yeah it didn’t make any sense to me either).

I saw a short Latin looking Elvis Presley, I think he was an alien because he was from mars or something. He sang which at this point I was getting bored looking at the halloween lady. Then I saw this lady with an accent, she was normal looking and was the 2nd person that actually sang and didn’t sound like she was connected to a vibrator or had those little TV’s or half her hair shaved like that other girl.

The last thing I noticed about this show was that I must be living in a world where men get awards for hitting a woman, artist can get an award for dressing like hotdogs, those little TV are the most important part of the show and people that actually sing and play their instruments not necessarily win the awards.

Think about it. It’s ok if you don’t get it, most people that vote for the Grammy didn’t get it either.

FUCKING BRILLIANT! This old lady at work had literally identical musings on all of this.