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Gwen Loos: Cet Obscur Objet du Désir - Mixte by Ellen von Unwerth, Fall 2011
RIGHT up my alley.


This is BLK water.

It is black spring water from Canada.

It’s infused with fulvic acid ( a naturally occuring substance found in pre-historic plant matter. Because fulvic acid is naturally black it changes the molecules of the water, making them black.)

It has a ph balance of 9.0

It has natural electrolytes and 77 trace minerals from the fulvic acid.

It actually regenerates the cells in your body faster than regular water and is a high antioxidant.


It tastes like WATER because that’s what it is.

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My Canadians: I WANT THIS! I REALLY WANT THIS BADLY. I am so curious as to how it would taste with a 9pH level though.

seriously, who doesn’t love bellatrix lestrange? she’s too crazy not to like even if she killed sirius black and tonks. also, who could forget the battle of hogwarts when mrs. weasley screams, “get away from my daughter you BITCH!” amazing. she’s voldemort’s most loyal servant, a devoted death eater, an azkaban alumni and bat-shit crazy to boot. not only is she a gem in the books, but helena bonham carter takes her role to a whole other level in the movies. give it up for bellatrix lestrange.
1: you filthy half blood: cape by phillip lim, dress and tights by givenchy, boots by balmain2: i killed sirius black, i killed sirius black!: dress by elie saab, cape by givenchy haute couture3: battling ginny, luna and hermione: coat by givenchy, dress by elie saab, tights and boots by bottega veneta
god harry potter is so good.All images from



Vampire cafe.  Who could resist?  My twin says this is in Ginza, Japan.

I want to eat everything in a coffin shaped bowl from now on.

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suppurate system

I still want a lolita crown. Someday…

This is why I love fashion, this is why I don’t want to give up and keep on doing what I am doing. But I hate it at the same time, and I’d rather be at home playing videogames, than to run my ass off meeting clients that don’t give a fuck.