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Favourite FashionChanel, Pre-Fall 2013

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The first thing that had me irritated with my classmates was some of the girls pointed out how ah-mazing it was that Chanel could create such interesting headdresses that no one has ever seen before.

Meanwhile I was at the table pulling my impersonation of Lord Elrond’s eyebrow ( ) thinking seriously you guys??

I hated breaking it to my classmates (not really I thought it was totally amusing) but the Kokoshnik has been around since the 16th century and correct me if I am mistaken but Chanel came about only in 1909/1910. 

The married women of 16th and 17th century Moscow were required to cover their head compulsory. The used specific hats usually adorned with embroideries, gold, pearls etc. Later on as the fashion evolved and became more sophisticated, the Russian headdresses became more sumptuous and were used at different ceremonials, fancy-dress balls or even as everyday outfit showing the aristocratic rank of the wearer. These further evolved in the case of those made for the high aristocracy in Kokoshnik shape tiaras. ” -RoyalRomania

(extant pieces live at the Met)

Still covet this!

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I love Chanel’s double headed eagle! I thought was an excellent touch to the collection!

“The Russian tsars adopted the symbol both to position themselves as successors to the Byzantine state and to likewise symbolize their dominion over the west (Europe) and the east (Asia). The head on the left (West) symbolizes Rome, the head on the right (East) symbolizes Constantinople. The cross and orb in the claws symbolize, respectively, spiritual and secular authority. The laurel wreath is below.”

I find it a bit blasphemous, maybe because I don’t really like Chanel.

Poor St George, you’re not cool enough for fashion, you must be replaced.