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Sums up my time in Trinidad for Carnival this year. Sorry for not posting pics up like last time. I didn’t have my iPhone with me this year. Some of the photos are up on Facebook but I will post a few on here also.

Yuma: Press Play Bejeweled Blitz (backline)
That is my costume for Trinidad Carnival next month.
I gotta start doing 200+ crunches a day AND cardio AND calorie counting AND eating healthy. (MAKES THIS HER PHONE BACKGROUND AND DESKTOP IMAGE)
I also need to figure out how I want my eye makeup!
PROJECT: GETFIT.: BodyRock 30 Day Challenge →


Since December, I’ve been slacking really bad with my workouts! I’ve been planning to get back into it for so long but I never got off my ass and did it. Then along came BodyRock’s 30 Day Challenge (: Just the little motivational boost I needed. I am two days behind but I think I might use a few…


Kerwin Du Bois “Bacchanalist” (by kerwindubois)

Yep. My fitspo. Gotta get in shape. A lil under a month until Carnival. I do love this video because the ladies are all sorts of shapes and sizes though.