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Some photos from Moscow Gothic & Lolita Festival.

My gothic loving heart.

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oh medusa, she was one nasty customer. she was a gorgon-essentially the mean girls of greek mythology. if you messed with a gorgon, the outcome was usually pretty bad. in medusa’s case, if you looked her in the eyes you would turn to stone. ouch. eventually, perseus aided with a mirrored shield, winged sandals and an invisibility cloak (deathly hallows of greek mythology anyone?) defeated her and chopped her head off. too bad so sad.1: snake eyes!: coat by ann demeulemeester, shirt by givenchy, pants and shoes by gareth pugh2: there’s a snake in my boots: dress by balmain, snake-ish boots by burberry prorsum3: lost my head: dress by gareth pugh, shoes by givenchy

Trayvon Martin

I meditated a great deal on the case and subsequent verdict, all day yesterday. I was not surprised about the verdict. Unfortunately, deep in the back of my mind I knew it would have turned out that way.

I had hoped for better. I truly had hoped for better, and I am once again ASHAMED to call myself an American.

The black citizens of the United states, and other countries, need to take a long hard look at this. With the exception of African countries, racism IS still alive and well. It just wears a new face. We as black people tend to have higher populations in cities across America, yet the elected officials (state and town in this instance) rarely if ever seem to have out interests at heart. I get that politicians play lip service, but if you elect them, MAKE them give you the results you so desperately deserve. Worst case scenario,the mess up, BUT at least you can vote them out, en masse. IF EVERY BLACK PERSON actually took the time to research their public officials, GO TO TOWN HALL MEETINGS, and voice their concerns, a whole lot more can be done.

I read a tweet from someone in Barbados who said that all black folks need to leave florida, because it is no longer safe. At first I agreed, but then I quickly disagreed. No one should have to leave their home because of the situation that occured. People need to be EDUCATED about that power they posses as Voters. That is why I love churches. Many of them get their members involved in the community and local government. I don’t know if it is a NYC thing but many of the churches in Brooklyn are active in the community that way. Things aren’t perfect, but people need to try. The old ways of doing whatever are NOT WORKING.

More and more black males are being killed or jailed. I’m just tired of that trend.

After all that is said and done, I really hope Trayvon’s parents take this to civil court as a Wrongful Death case. Maybe then some justice will be served.


Roberto Cavalli spring/summer 2013 backstage ;)

thank you Colorful-Amoeba! <3
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Zana Bane is THE master harness crafter. 

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My coworker bought this for me yesterday. I liked it! #blkwater #diet #health #food #black #blkbeverages (Taken with Instagram)