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Lets talk about it 

I found about 8 of those hot combs in my house! EIGHT. I never know we owned that many! I wasn’t sure if I should recycle them or toss them out.

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Why is when white men have tumblrs dedicated to their "love of black women" it's filled with porn? →


The term I always use “Fetish of the month club”. 

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 When my daughter was young I would tell her stories about dark skinned girls who could do great things. Since the world doesn’t always value dark skin as much as it should, I wanted to make sure she appreciated hers. I guess The Skin I’m In came out of my need to discuss the issue further.
- Sharon G. Flake

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All the bitches commenting on these pics with anything about “ghetto” can suck it.
HOWEVER, you can SUPER SUCK IT if you like “goth” “scene” “alternative” “kawaii” or any of that shit.


I wish someone would slap you with a stick of racial equality.


Because if you saw the same exact shit on a white girl or an Asian girl you wouldn’t be calling it ghetto.  You’d be jizzing over how creative it is.  Because it IS creative.  You’d be saying that it’s got some deep meaning.  You’d call it art.  You’d congratulate her on doing something so EDGEY.

Why isn’t it cool & edgey on this chick?
Because she’s Black and you think less of Black people.
Yes, you do.
I don’t care if you ARE Black.  You think less of Black people.
Though you have NOT ONE FUCKING CLUE about who she is, what she thinks, why her hair looks like this, or anything else:
YOU ASSUME SHE’S GHETTO because she’s Black and doing something adventurous.




I hope you get lost in a real ghetto and learn what the FUCK that means.

Somebody will probably let you into their house to use a phone because your cellphone died.

Their grandmother will feed you some delicious food you’ve never had before.

The kids will run in and out of the house, but they’ll definitely say hello to you a couple of times.

Some guys will probably flirt with you.  Tell you that you’re cute.

Some girls might ask where you got your tennis shoes.

FINALLY, your fucking mommy can drive in all terrified with the cops in tow and pick your prejudiced ass up.

Black or not, it IS kinda cool and funky as hell, but still ridiculous. I WILL go far enough to say “ghetto”, but that is due to the culture I live in. If I saw a non-black person wearing it, yes I would not call it “ghetto”, but I would still call it kinda cool and funky, but ridiculous as hell. I guess it has to do with the society you live in, really.

Sadly, I have to admit this may be a sort of Willie Lynch thing going on. To put it simply, certain people in certain fields of business and/or sometimes economic standing, tend to dress “outside of the norm”. As objective as any of you claim  you are, you still make biases about people.

I can admit that this is radical and amazing in its own right.  I can definitely give props to her stylist because it IS something amazing…however, I can not agree with it being really suitable or practical.

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Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit to Women on the Street

Can we get more of this, men?

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if you want a 100% guarantee of not getting in my pants just call me ~baby girl~.

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story of my life
*insert* “You’re very intelligent for a black girl.” and then my life is complete.

Viola Davis’s Husband Encouraged Her to Take Off Her Wig Viola Davis stepped out yesterday with her hair au natural, thanks to a little encouragement from her husband, Julius Tennon. “My husband wanted me to take the wig off,” the Best Actress Oscar nominee told us…“He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are!’ It’s a powerful statement.”(via INStyle)

Someday that will be me again. I need to learn how to manage and take care of my hair.



YESSS! I have had 3 hair stylists since I was 12 - I cannot walk into any old salon and get my hair done by just any old broad. The ONE time I went into a random salon (Hair Cuttery - all white women worked there), they bleached my hair and damaged it. I’ve never had damaged hair from coloring, and I’ve been doing that since I was 12. They straight fried my hair because they assumed a Black girls hair took more to lift, when I knew damn well I didn’t need to be up under that dryer for 20 minutes.
No, I am very, very, very picky about who touches my hair.

Word. I have had one bad experience with a salon, and one was enough. 
I don’t trust people in general, and I definitely don’t trust people to take proper care of something as personal as my hair, especially since I have only once met a stylist who wasn’t scissor-happy.

That’s why I decided to grow out my hair and learn how to take care of it.
I wanted to cut dye my hair once and the woman doing it fucked it all up. 
I only have to learn once.