Please sign this petition to have this horrid image removed.

The girl in the photo was lied to about the nature of this photo and was told “it is just for a Japanese fashion photoshoot”


This movie also displays the lolita image as pedophilia related. This is an image that lolita have worked hard to dispel for years.

“The Lolita community has been misunderstood for years, usually mislead by the title of Vladimir Navokov’s novel “Lolita”. The community has been fighting really hard to make people understand that, no matter the personal idea of what Lolita is (a fashion, a lifestyle, an aesthetics), it is NOT about sexualising women, but completely the opposite, it is about women feeling comfortable with themselves in clothes that make them feel pretty and that do not relate with attracting men. Moreover, Lolita is not about ageplay. It does not try to make young women look like little girls, hence it’s not focused on attracting pedophiles. It might make the girls look a bit childish depending on the style, but that is not the point for a lolita.

With the promotional poster in which a girl is shown wearing Lolita clothes, her expression being overtly provocative and teasing, the productor and director are causing a massive harm to the Lolita community, leading people who does not know the movement to think that it’s about sex and ruining the hard work that thousands of girls have done during years. Due to this, we ask for the removal of the poster plus a formal apology from both of them.”

(via dimsouls)